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Over the past 2 years, Cyclone Enterprises DBA Glam Jam has been fortune to take part in several Dream Keepers Initiative funded programs such as Sell Black by En2Action, Minding My Own Black Business by SFHDC & most recently, In The Black, San Francisco's only All Black marketplace in the heart of The Fillmore.

Glam Jam is an all-natural glitter lotion stick hand-made by RedBone. This highly nourishing, easy to apply “roll-on” is made of: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Glitter. Glam Jam, “Glo-tion For Your Motion” comes in Eco Friendly: Peacock Blend, Gold & Gold Copper Blend and Biodegradable: Holographic, Iridescent & Champagne Iridescent. 


Try Ash Bash - for the ultimate skin hydration minus the extra sparkle with the same chocolatey aroma. The newest addition to the Glam Jam fam is Strip Whip! Mango & Shea Butter, Coconut, Grapeseed & Jojoba oil. Unscented or scented (Vanilla & Egyptian Goddess)

Mission: To Naturally & Glamorously  Hydrate Skin Across The Globe

That's My Jam!!

Like all great products, Glam Jam came to inception out of mindful necessity. Hi! I’m RedBone, an International Burlesque Artrepreneur. In 2013, while preparing for a show I was lathering my body with store bought body butter and craft glitter and asked myself “How can I make this more consciously?” Meaning less ingredients, less carbon footprint and honestly less mess. Through lots of trial & error I was able to achieve it all AND in a 2oz container for easy carry on travel!!

Care Instructions: Keep cool! Will melt at high temperatures.

Usage: For external use only. Apply 30 minutes prior to costume & stage. Be wary of placement if contacting the floor.
Safety first and Happy Jamming!

RedBone - Owner, Creator & Maker of Glam Jam • Photo Credit: Meika Ejiasi

I use Glam Jam when I go party at drag and burlesque shows all year long. My Favorite is the Peacock Blend Glam Jam to spice up my goth look and I love how it's so moisturizing while keeping me sparkly all night. It's easy to remove as well and I put it all over my face & body with no issues. I also appreciate how affordable the products are and that I'm supporting a small BIPOC business.

- Silver (Seattle, WA)

I placed an order with you today and I'm so excited!!! It's crazy because I've been seeing girls in our industry glistening and sparkling in the light during their performances ately and I always wondered what glitter they used until last month Jazimne & Rachel performed and they were all glittery and I finally asked them what they had on and they said "OMG RedBone makes her own glitter stick" and I was like HOLY SHIT I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE FREAKING GLITTER THAT ALL THESE HOES BE WEARING AND I NEED IT IN MY LIFEEEEEE!

- Andy Rose (San Francisco, CA)


Your products are absolutely one of my favorite go-to-items! I am a foreman at a landscaping company. I carried my second tube with me all last season. Not only was it incredible for my hands and arms, my hands were in better shape than anytime in the last 20 years of working outdoors,  but when you are a 5’ 4” woman, and foreman of a 20 person landscaping crew, who moisturizes with glitter, it was disarming to all of the…. how shall I say, young, full of their own testosterone, female authority questioning, general pain in my ass dudes. They were taken aback enough to be quiet and listen. It was glorious. Then, it became my signature. Lol. 

- Katie (Detroit, MI)

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