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RedBone Burlesque • Photo Credit: RedBone - Vixen Photography

RedBone - Vixen Photography

Cyclone Enterprises is the production house of international burlesque super star RedBone. Cyclone Enterprises produces fringe arts (burlesque, drag & variety) nightlife entertainment, conducts workshops & community oriented performances in the Bay Area and beyond. In addition to her productions, RedBone makes Glam Jam, 'Glotion For Your Motion', a highly moisturizing, all natural biodegradable glitter stick.


Through the vehicle of fringe arts entertainment, Black Queer Woman owned Cyclone Enterprises engages, prioritizes, supports & elevates fellow Black, POC and Queer voices, with emphasis on producing BBQ (Black, Brown & Queer) events in San Francisco, where the black population has consistently been pushed out year after year.


Cyclone Enterprises is explicit in focusing on radial impact. I believe we can achieve something that resembles generational wealth with in the arts if we focus on healing ourselves as individuals. As we become healthier holistically that will radiate into our interpersonal (personal & work) connection.


Cyclone Enterprises core principles and ethics are:

 - impact over intent

 - People over profit while we profit

 - divest to invest


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