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12-115 PM • Slow Down Queen: Sensuality With Intention

In this workshop Lexxi will guide you on how we embody sexiness like a queen. Are you trying to BE sexy but aren’t feeling it? Learn to tease it, work it, fake it till you feel it with some tips and tricks. Explore how the tease is the element around which the strip turns. Join Foxy Lexxi as she helps you take your time to slow it down and be intentionally sexy and sensual to leave your audience hot and bothered.

Skill level: All Levels
What To Bring: Bottle of Water, Comfortable clothing like yoga, gym wear, etc that you feel good and cute in it. (Optional) A pair of heels that you’re confident and comfortable in.


From Montreal, Canada, Foxy Lexxi Brown embodies elegance, confidence, and sensuality. Internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning burlesque performer. She headlines shows and festivals across the globe. Voted among the Top 50 most influential figures in the burlesque industry worldwide by 21st Century Magazine for three consecutive years. Miss Brown possesses a magnetic charm, radiating the elusive 'je ne sais quoi' of an artist at the pinnacle of her craft.

Slow Down Queen: Sensuality With Intention

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